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The more perspectives we have on these multifaceted issues, the better. As such, we will be holding essay competitions for undergraduate and graduate students, where we will list one or more prompts focusing on one of the public policy feedback loops we are focusing on and accept essays discussing them. The writers of the most well-researched or insightful entries will win a small monetary prize, and all entrants whose essays we are interested in exploring will be offered the chance to collaborate with us in publishing an article on our website or blog.


We are always looking for fresh perspectives on the systems underlying public policy. If you have an idea you’d like to pitch, or an article you’ve written that seems like a good fit for our mission, send us an email with “Research Proposal” and the title of your idea in the subject line.


Beyond one-off articles, we are interested in setting up regular working relationships with researchers and authors to become Associates of the Center. This would involve working with Center staff on specific topics and either doing research to further the Center’s understanding of a subject or applying your own expertise to the collaboration, with the goal of producing multiple articles on the systems in a given domain.

Associates must have a proven track record of thoughtful long-form authorship, whether in the form of blog posts, journal articles, news articles, or articles submitted to the Center. Once selected, Associates will be compensated on a per-article or monthly basis.

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